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Big Bad Bosses

Meteorship BossAt the end of each Area, whether it’s the Beach or the Desert or the Forest, there is a Boss Level in which you have to destroy much bigger ships. You get no fruit (health) at all! Sometimes you have rocks, and sometimes you have boomerangs. Whatever Boss it is, there are usually white dots telling you how much energy the Boss has. When it has no more energy, you will have completed the level.

Each time a piece falls from the Boss, energy goes away from the Boss also. There is one you have to defeat before a Bonus Level begins. And some Bosses require LOTS and LOTS of patience to destroy (hint: like the Ship with the Powerful Beam). You have to wait and do the same thing several times to defeat the Boss, instead of getting too excited and doing it all at once.

If YOU want to share your method of destroying a boss, please share a comment. I love to read them. And if you haven’t tried Dylo’s Adventure you don’t know what you’re missing!

See you in Dylo’s World!


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Bonus Levels in the Sky!

Bonus Level

I first discovered Bonus Levels on Area 2 Level 3 (2-3). Near the end of the level, I saw a cloud that went up and down. I thought I would jump on the cloud and see what happens. It went higher into the sky (where I couldn’t see the sun) and took me to another cloud with a sign with a “?” mark. When I jumped on the cloud it took me to another level in the sky. This was the Bonus Level!

The way you do it is by jumping from cloud to cloud collecting items (like coins, hotdogs, and extra lives) while the timer ticks down. (You can click the image to the right and see a larger picture of one of the bonus levels). If you miss the cloud, you fall through into the next level. But if you make it all the way to the end, Dylo does his victory dance! And then you start the next level.

I’ve found several other bonus levels, but I’m sure there are other ones (hidden like secrets) that I haven’t seen yet. If you have found some, post a comment so that others can find them too!

See you in Dylo’s World!

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Dylo, Mylo, and Skylo


Dylo BrothersHere is a picture of me and my brothers. They have homemade dinos that LOOK like my Dylo, but they are different colors and have different names. The red one is called “Skylo” and the yellow one is called “Mylo”. We use them to play Dylo in my upstairs bedroom. You can click on the picture to see it larger.

Today, Daddy stayed home from work and we created a whole level of Dylo on the floor of my bedroom. We used other stuffed animals for the other enemy creatures (like jumping fish, and spiders, and jellyfish). We made spikes out of toy swords. We used other toy dinosaurs for the dinos in the background of the Dylo game. We used a big plastic egg as the save point. We even used my brothers blanket (which is blue) as the water that our stuffed dinos had to jump over. We had jump pads, and even found some old stuffed animals that looked like Martians.

It was lots of fun! One of us would sing the music from the game, while the others would be the martians and creatures trying to stop Dylo, Mylo, or Skylo. We made a big mess upstairs, but it was fun. And it was great playing with Daddy and my brothers.

See you in Dylo’s World!

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My Homemade Dylo

Dylo up close


Here is a picture of my very own stuffed Dylo that my Mommy & Daddy helped me make. She based the pattern on a drawing I made of Dylo, and we made it out of felt. You can click on the picture to see it larger.

It’s not perfect, though. I forgot to draw the tail. And his shirt is blue instead of white because we didn’t have any white fabric. But I still love him. He sleeps with me at night, and sometimes when the day breaks, I take him downstairs.

We made two other dinos for my younger brothers. I’ll do a blog post about them later because it’s getting close to bedtime for tonight.

Take a look at the picture. Do you like him?

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Update from Tonight: Made Some Progress!

I can’t believe it, I almost got through Area 10 Level 3!!! It’s REALLY hard in some places. My health got really low, and I ended up not jumping through the islands with fruit because you have to land in exactly the right spot. Plus, my health started getting really low.

BUT . . . the good news? I got the Save Point on the island in the sky!!!

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How I’m Doing at the Game

Dylo Thinking

I haven’t been able to post a blog for awhile, because my daddy (who helps me blog) was out of town. But now he’s back, and I can do more posts.

I thought I would give an update about how I’m doing playing the game. I’m playing the “EASY” level, and I’m on Area 10-1 (it’s the level with the TV sets). This level doesn’t seem very hard yet, but I know that it gets really hard because I watched my daddy go through it. I almost got to the Finish, but I bumped into some spikes and died! I guess I’ll keep trying.

And speaking of trying to do it, I think I’ll go try right now on Mommy’s computer (but only for 10 minutes . . . my mommy and daddy set a timer).

See you in Dylo’s World!

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We Bought the Full Version!

I’m so excited that my daddy bought the full game of Dylo. We have actually made it through all the levels and have cleared the planet of the martians! (Actually, just my Daddy has. I’m still on the Meteor-Throwing-Spaceship level).

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