My Homemade Dylo

Dylo up close


Here is a picture of my very own stuffed Dylo that my Mommy & Daddy helped me make. She based the pattern on a drawing I made of Dylo, and we made it out of felt. You can click on the picture to see it larger.

It’s not perfect, though. I forgot to draw the tail. And his shirt is blue instead of white because we didn’t have any white fabric. But I still love him. He sleeps with me at night, and sometimes when the day breaks, I take him downstairs.

We made two other dinos for my younger brothers. I’ll do a blog post about them later because it’s getting close to bedtime for tonight.

Take a look at the picture. Do you like him?


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  1. 1

    Julio said,

    So cute!!! 🙂

  2. 2

    Wow! This is so cool. I hope that there will be some fans that will make fan sites about my games.

  3. 3

    josepzin said,

    Here is my “fan art”, pixel Dylos for your Dylos World

    Is a Dylos 8 bits vs Dylos 16 bits 😀

    And here is my post about Dylo:

  4. 4

    […] even produced (read: designed the concept and ‘hired workforce’ to do the sewing) a green Dylo creature that you can see on the left side […]

  5. 5

    Pop said,

    Dylo looks like a cousin of the Pillsbury Dough Boy

  6. 6

    hannah said,

    Hi Aiden. I think you did great on your blog. You briught me into a world of imagination when i read about Dylo. Dylo is soooo awesome.

  7. 7

    […] Since I’ve been thinking about fantasy and fiction and legend and Story of late, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to point you toward an amazing blog by one of my friend’s (Scott Anderson of Desiring God) sons . . . who is only eight years old . . . and who has a REALLY lively imagination. His little fan-site blog has attracted the attention of the president of the the game company (who reads the blog daily!) as well as some independent gamer magazines. It’s pretty cool. You should especially check out his “homemade” creature. […]

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