Big Bad Bosses

Meteorship BossAt the end of each Area, whether it’s the Beach or the Desert or the Forest, there is a Boss Level in which you have to destroy much bigger ships. You get no fruit (health) at all! Sometimes you have rocks, and sometimes you have boomerangs. Whatever Boss it is, there are usually white dots telling you how much energy the Boss has. When it has no more energy, you will have completed the level.

Each time a piece falls from the Boss, energy goes away from the Boss also. There is one you have to defeat before a Bonus Level begins. And some Bosses require LOTS and LOTS of patience to destroy (hint: like the Ship with the Powerful Beam). You have to wait and do the same thing several times to defeat the Boss, instead of getting too excited and doing it all at once.

If YOU want to share your method of destroying a boss, please share a comment. I love to read them. And if you haven’t tried Dylo’s Adventure you don’t know what you’re missing!

See you in Dylo’s World!


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