My Idea: Dylo’s Adventure II

menubackground.pngI know that a lot of you probably haven’t even finished the first version of Dylo’s Adventure (I’m almost done!), but I have begun to dream about a SECOND version!

I think that in the next version, Dylo (and his friends) should travel to the Martian planet in order to defeat the Martians or to get back some lost treasure that the Martians took from Dylo’s world. The Areas and Levels could be really dangerous and creative and fun. Instead of forest, and beach, and desert there could be different Martian places with craters, and mucky lava, and strange gases. There could also be new kinds of Martians to defeat. It would be so fun! Instead of trees and pyramids and Martian sphynxs in the background, there could be pictures of the univers and other planets and funny looking Martian cities (or even things they’ve collected from Dylos world–like TV sets!). Maybe Dylo could even ride in a space ship during the Bonus Rounds!

Well my imagination is tired out for now. I really wish Dylo was real. He’s such a nice and cute little fellow. And I really hope he gets to go on another Adventure–maybe even to the Martian planet!

See you in Dylo’s World!


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    Mr. Dan said,


    I can’t wait to enter this world with you! Wow! This is going to be fun! See you in Dylo’s World!!

    Mr. Dan

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