My Dylo Box

aidendylobox.jpgI made this special box to keep my special stuff in. I drew some Dylos, colored them, and cut them out. Then I pasted them on my box. I put lots of dinosaur stickers on the box too (you can see them if you click the picture) because Dylo has lots of friends.

Dylo is such a happy creature, it makes me happy to see him on my box. I keep all kinds of stuff in my box, especially things for when I pretend Dylo’s Adventure in my bedroom with my brothers. I keep little rocks, and toy spiders, and stuffed-animal fish. I even keep some things I made out of Legos that are the Martian Bosses. I like to have all my Dylo stuff in one place–this Dylo box. Then I know where everything is at for when we want to play. And we DO like to play and pretend Dylo. My Daddy even helps out. It’s really fun, and we all get pretty silly.

Do you ever pretend with Dylo? I really wish he was real. I would like to go help him on his adventures. He’s such a cute Dino, and he is smart and brave too.

See you in Dylo’s World!


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  1. 1

    dewalt said,

    i am amazed at your cite youngin, may the gospel countinue to allow you to keep it up!

  2. 2

    Julio said,

    That’s a really awesome decorated box! I also used to build movie or game inspired stuff with my lego bricks when I was a child. keep it up : )

  3. 3

    Hand-drawing, Lego style bricks and plasticine were my combination.
    I want to see inside this box now …

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