Update from Tonight: Made Some Progress!

I can’t believe it, I almost got through Area 10 Level 3!!! It’s REALLY hard in some places. My health got really low, and I ended up not jumping through the islands with fruit because you have to land in exactly the right spot. Plus, my health started getting really low.

BUT . . . the good news? I got the Save Point on the island in the sky!!!


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How I’m Doing at the Game

Dylo Thinking

I haven’t been able to post a blog for awhile, because my daddy (who helps me blog) was out of town. But now he’s back, and I can do more posts.

I thought I would give an update about how I’m doing playing the game. I’m playing the “EASY” level, and I’m on Area 10-1 (it’s the level with the TV sets). This level doesn’t seem very hard yet, but I know that it gets really hard because I watched my daddy go through it. I almost got to the Finish, but I bumped into some spikes and died! I guess I’ll keep trying.

And speaking of trying to do it, I think I’ll go try right now on Mommy’s computer (but only for 10 minutes . . . my mommy and daddy set a timer).

See you in Dylo’s World!

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We Bought the Full Version!

I’m so excited that my daddy bought the full game of Dylo. We have actually made it through all the levels and have cleared the planet of the martians! (Actually, just my Daddy has. I’m still on the Meteor-Throwing-Spaceship level).

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Facts about Dylo


These facts will help you when visiting my weblog so that you can learn more about Dylo.

1. Be sure to jump over water. Dylo cannot swim.

2. Dylo does not have stone hammers and isn’t a caveman.

3. You may think Dylo is a dinosaur who would eat people. But he’s really quite small. He could sleep in your bed with you if you had one small enough (like the one my mom sewed for me).

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Welcome to Dylo’s World!


This weblog is all about a little dino who gets involved with an adventure WAY beyond his size! It’s called Dylo’s Adventure. You can download the game at southwindsgames.com

You can read more about ME on the About Me Page.

Post your comment or story about Dylo and let’s make Dylo’s World a very happy place!!!!

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